The BayCity Project, a public/private partnership between the City of Providence, two design firms and the RISD Center for Design and Business, was a study of the three-mile Providence Waterfront. The study uncovered that the future of the Providence Waterfront rested in a negotiation between three interests: a neighborhood organization focused on expanding recreational and public space; marine and public infrastructure industries fighting to preserve industrial zones with access to the existing 40 foot deep waterway; and the City of Providence, determined to expand its tax base by increasing housing density. Our role was to expand the conversation between the various constituents, to gain a global view of the potential in order to satisfy existing stakeholders, engage a broader public, and foster a new waterfront identity. With the assistance of RISD students, we presented international case studies of solutions to the complex problems surrounding urban waterfronts. We also completed an existing site analysis of the study area, including economic data, social demographics, property values, energy use, nodes of activity, topography, historic edges, and land use.