East Providence Auto Row

New Retail Edge

New Auto Row Edge

New Overview

Existing Conditions

Thurlow Small, working with Horsley Witten Group as lead and McMahon Associates, is currently developing future scenarios for Taunton Avenue area of East Providence, an area that consists primarily of automobile dealerships and affiliated businesses, but also includes two shopping centers and smaller retail adjacent to residential, industrial and wetland areas. The project has progressed to existing conditions analysis, as shown in the two renderings here. Two options are now in development to explore how infill strategies, greenways, wetland restoration, a RIPTA bus hub, and better amenities for pedestrians and bicycles can be included while still supporting existing business types and uses. The design proposals are intended to bring the best of urbanism and public experience into this type of commercial development found across America– suburban, big box on car-oriented roadways.

The first public meeting was held on June 22, 2011.