Exchange Street

View one from Exchange Street towards Roosevelt Street.

View two from Exchange Street and Montgomery Street.

Aerial view from Exchange Street and Montgomery Street.

View four from Exchange Street towards Roosevelt.

Aerial view from Exchange Street and Broad Street.

View six from Exchange Street and Summer Street


Exchange Street is a wide, heavily-used roadway by buses and cars that makes it difficult and dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists to access downtown.

Rather than seeing the busy use of Exchange Street as a problem, we recommend that it be redesigned so that all forms of transportation– cars, buses, bicycles and pedestrians– have clear and safe modes to operate. This improved use will transform Exchange Street into a productive place to find and access alternative forms of transit.

The first design guideline narrows wide sections of roadway and deceases the number of travel lanes so that there is a consistent path and route for traffic beginning at Roosevelt Avenue to Dexter Street. The additional space that becomes available in this reduction affords cycle tracks that can connect into a larger bicycle network providing a safe and effective means to bicycle to and around downtown.

The second design guideline adds and improves on-street parking where possible to enhance the commercial viability of the downtown area. New spaces are added in the section between Montgomery and Broad Streets.

The third design guideline adds street trees and tree trenches and street furniture including bus shelters and bicycle support infrastructure. The bicycle infrastructure is coordinated as part of the two loops proposed in the larger Pawtucket Downtown Design Plan and creates a node at Broad and Exchange Street with bike parking and maps that detail local routes and historic landmarks.

The fourth design guideline creates new public spaces where the wide sweeping radius corners are replaced. Specifically, this changes the intersections at Montgomery in front of the Post Office and it most significantly creates a new Times Square at Goff, Exchange and Broad Streets. Times Square is a new shared space area bounded by the Pawtucket Times Building, the former Elks Club building, and the intersection corner. It reroutes Summer Street into a new two-way Broad Street so that the large intersection is greatly reduced into a four-way signaled stop. The area directly in front of the Times Building is intended to be paved with cobblestone at the height of the sidewalk so that the buildings are closely connected to the square for use during events and day to day activities by local residents.