Sorbus Interior

The Interior for Sorbus, a high-end clothing store, is designed to highlight its interior to its very prominent exterior site in downtown Providence’s burgeoning Westminster shopping district.

Our interest in the interior was to design a flexible wrapping system that would draw in shoppers from street to create a merchandise experience.

We imagined an eddy-like spatial configuration, where a changing surface would form pockets and swirls enticing shoppers to hang out and feel a part of the store itself. As the store might expand or grow, they could add onto the system providing new enticements and color to a growing urban spot. The components of the wrapper are also targeted for a variety of heights in proportion to the human body, as to allow for a variety of views and goods depending on whether someone is inside or outside, standing or seated.

The undulating wrapper, made from 3Form eco-resin and Maplex, allows for special lighting and display zones as well as set of an entry cash wrap zone.  The reminder of the space includes Fleetwood fixtures and window box areas that allow for display of the merchandise.  TSA also designed and fabricated a temporary signage wrap for the windows prior to construction.