163 Stair



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Developer Phyllis Nathanson hired TSA to design a stair addition to the exterior of an existing brick mill building in the heart of historic, downtown Pawtucket.

For evacuation from the existing multiple, labrynithian interior floor levels, we proposed a series of metal stair segments to work in sectional coordination with a series of concrete platforms and retaining walls, each of those as paired with specific plantings, per level. A new service entrance was made at the lower level, until work can be completed for adding a new ADA accessible elevator and ramp system. Additionally, as part of this second phase operation, we propose a large wall mural–as signage, and gating–for announcing at an urban, or street scale, the primary entrance to the Arts District in downtown Pawtucket. The iconography for the fiberglass mural is based on an abstraction of the specified ground cover plantings, greatly scaled and distributed across the existing, exposed 4-story building height and 115 foot length party wall.