KeepSpace Urban Study

Thurlow Small completed a local knowledge report on the Pawtucket / Central Falls KeepSpace area as part of the larger RI Housing KeepSpace project. This effort began with organized site visits, observations, and analysis. The final 62-page report documented informal neighborhood information to provide a greater understanding of the site complexity and neighborhood qualities to help identify the most productive opportunities for projects. The report consists of a set of 33 maps, supporting photos, and analysis that are identified:

Circulation informal pedestrian movement, bicycle use and parking, public transit patterns and habits, areas of traffic and pedestrian problems, existing important neighborhood linkages.

Social Space areas of positive social activity, areas of public safety concern, sites of most perceived blight, existing organized public events, community hangouts.

Recreation types and locations of organized sports, informal recreation habits, and green space needs.

Community resources unique regional or community facilities, important religious or service organizations, and businesses that provide daily provisions.

Entrepreneurial activity locations and types of unregistered economic activity, types of mobile economic activities, and locations of urban agriculture.

Local Knowledge Report – Online

Local Knowledge Report – Publication