ARCHIVE is a digital platform that will host faculty, student projects, and stories where people outside the architecture community can experience the energy of architecture schools. Guest curators will review the submitted work for special recognition, participants can show their work as an online portfolio, and people outside of architecture can discover the relevance, diversity, and breadth of architecture as a discipline and culture.

Currently the project exists as the ARCHIVE DROPBOX, a growing database of student and faculty work that will eventually include browse, search and discussion capability to offer an online space to the existing community of students, faculty and administrators.

In this final exhibition version, ARCHIVE will be intended for three specific audiences: individuals, particularly those in under-represented groups, who might achieve their fullest potential by attending architecture school; members of the public who are interested in learning more about what architecture schools and graduates have to offer; and current members of the architecture community, including students, academics, and professionals.

Help us build ACSA’s ARCHIVE to show how architecture schools are doing things that matter. Visit and sign in at: