Panelite Office & Showroom

Panelite, a NY-based manufacturer of translucent panels, came to us and asked for two things in their new Manhattan space: they needed a beautiful showroom to show off their products and an office that worked for their salespeople and support staff.

The concept for the Panelite Office & Showroom is to use both fixed and loose systems as layers, to create a set of spaces between enveloping sheer walls. The design consists of four major components:  the Work Zone, the Core, the Client Zone and the Conference Area.

The Work Zone is mostly fixed and shows off a long wall of flat panel assembly systems.  The Core is the heart of the layered condition and is made up of two thicker, fixed curved panels assemblies, and four tracks with moveable panels;  it is intended for meetings and should be thought of as flexible so that it could open for a larger event (through sliding flat panels in the curved panel assemblies).  The Client Zone exists between the Core and the Conference Area for clients to wait, or spend time looking at a digital database. The Conference Area would be a place for salespeople to meet with clients or for the staff to meet as needed.

The goal for all of the components is to show off the translucency and variability of the panel products.  During the fabrication and installation phase, due to the availability of certain geometry formwork, the geometry of the Core changed from the initial design.