Nail Interior

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Each proposal for the Nail Advertising Agency office interior offered ceiling, space, and wall systems to create both an experience and atmosphere:


The Nail office interior Option 1 offers three systems: the floor as islands & coves, the ceiling as a surface flows and walls as perforated light panels.


The Nail office interior Option 2 offers three systems: the floor as path, the ceiling as vernooi packed spaces and walls as facetted panels.


And the one selected by the clients, the Nail office interior Option 3 offers three systems: the floor as central park, the ceiling as a set of sprite clouds and walls as movable displays. The intention of the office was to provide a variable experience that allowed for work space, presentations, creative thinking, hanging out and overall inspiration for the active endeavor of the agency. The spatial floor system offers a set of highs and lows that define space without impeding visual connection. The sprite ceiling system intends to hide the existing mechanical systems in the depth of a dynamic thick material while still allowing sprinkler coverage and HVAC distribution. The movable panels would allow for private or interactive meetings within the office and at the same time, surfaces that could contain ideas, drawings, and project display. The site is 5,000 s.f. in an existing space in the historic Peerless building in downtown Providence.