Yinzhou Central Park

yinzhouPark 190109 from andrew thurlow on Vimeo.

Yinzhou Central Park is the 78 hectare centerpiece of a new master planned mixed-use development for 80,000 people in Ningbo, in Zhejing Province, China. The park design describes an artificial landscape that uses natural logics to allow for self-organized growth and ecological, social and economic sustainability.  The five blocks are organized through five types of water: the meaner, the canal, the lake, the convergence, and the fens.  Water flow and access structures the relationship of the park to the city, allowing a healthy aquatic life and close pedestrian relationships.

The geometry and program are defined by a set of circles that pull and extend the hard, soft and constructed water banks. These circles also function as pools of program, in some cases defined by textures of ground, water, or plantings. The vegetation is more of a system than fixed planting– it will evolve over time just as a forest or wetland would naturally.